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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has A-1 Golf Carts been in business?

A-1 Golf Carts is a family-owned business established in 1989.

What cart brands does A-1 Golf Carts sell?

We carry EZGO and Western.

What are the warranties for these carts?

EZGO Model RVX ELiTE (Lithium): 5 years on Batteries/Battery Management System years on carts and batteries.

EZGO Model RVX: 3 years on carts and batteries.

EZGO Model TXT: 3 years on cart, 2 years on batteries

Westerns:  1 Year on cart, 2 years on batteries.

What market areas does A-1 Golf Carts service?

We service golf cart owners and operators across the southwest and throughout the U.S.

Are parts available when needed or must they be ordered and shipped in?

We maintain the largest parts inventory for the various carts we sell and maintain.  This assures that there are virtually no delays in repairing your cart and most times repairs are generally completed on-the-sport or by the next day.

Do you provide financing for individual sales?

Yes we do.  Through Sheffield Financial as well as Yard Card.

Do you sell lithium batteries?

Short answer is: Yes/No.

Long Answer: No, there are aftermarket lithium packs that you can convert to work with an existing lead acid setup. However, we feel that the after market setups are too expensive and not as reliable as a normal lead acid pack. As of 2017 we DO carry the RXV ELiTE with lithium batteries from factory. The Samsung/EZGO battery management system is industry leading.

What is the typical turnaround time for repair services?

Within our local service area same day!  Outside our area 2 -3 days.

Do you provide on-site service and repair?

Yes, but only for our commercial accounts all throughout Pinal and Maricopa counties.  No residential on-site repair service is available due to liability issues.

Do you stock parts needed for repairs or do you order them when needed?

We maintain the largest parts department in the state of Arizona with over $250k worth of OEM parts. Call 480-895-2000 and ask for Jeff, we ship UPS daily.   

Can individuals rent carts for a short term?

No.  This is due to liability insurance restrictions.

Do you have a commercial leasing program?

Yes,  Anywhere from 1 day to 3 year leases on a variety of models.

What is your capacity for renting carts for special events.

Our largest event holds over 600 golf carts, We can do up to 750.

What are your terms and conditions for rentals?

The customer must provided a copy of their general liability insurance as wells a signed contract and COD unless other terms are discussed.

Do you do custom modifications on carts that you sell?

Yes.  We can provide a solution for virtually anything you can think of .

Do you sell used carts?

Yes we do.  About 500 a year currently.

Do you sell custom accessories?

Yes.  There is no limit to the number and type of accessories we can add to your cart.

Do you sell specialized vehicles for Emergency and Security, Hotels and Resorts, Colleges and Universities?

Yes.  Wheel chair accessible carts, ambulance/medical, bellhop and more.

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