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We’ve been waiting for around 5 years now to start carrying lithium batteries. At that time the technology was new to golf carts, it was expensive, the warranty wasn’t long enough to make sense for the cost and they were all cheap (not in the good way, but in the quality). There wasn’t a big manufacturer that would stand behind their product and could handle warranty claims the way that we felt our customers deserved. They claimed to last 10 years, but only had a 2-year warranty and hadn’t stood the test of time yet.

Fast forward 5 years and SAMSUNG (a major manufacturer) is now producing lithium battery packs specifically for EZGO Golf Carts. SAMSUNG and EZGO have done extensive testing and are confirming a 7 to 10-year lifespan. The day is finally here, A-1 Golf Carts is now proud to carry lithium powered golf carts. The price hasn’t plunged down yet, however, the quality of the product is phenomenal. The power management system that comes standard in the RXV ELiTE (EZGO’s Lithium Model) is second to none. SAMSUNG warrantees their battery packs for 5 years. If a cell in the pack goes bad under warranty SAMSUNG replaces the entire battery pack. With these batteries, there is virtually zero maintenance: no checking water, no acid on your garage floor and no coming back from the summer to find that you need to purchase a new set. If you leave for the summer and you left your cart at 94% there is a good chance that when you come back 3 months later it will be at 93%. EZGO is offering three sizes of packs: 60AH, 90AH, and 120AH (Amp Hours). The 60AH will have the same average range as the standard RXV with lead acid batteries, the 120AH boasts a 54mi range, whereas the 90AH will be somewhere between 35-40mi. The 60AH is what we will have in stock and we can order the 90AH and 120AH. Available with the new 2017 RXV ELiTE.

Stop by A-1 and see what we have to offer, you won’t be disappointed.

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