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Our Rental Fleet

Our Rental Fleet is the largest in the southwest with over 800 gas powered golf carts alone.  Reserve the carts you require for your next event today!  


2-Passenger  This is your typical golfing fleet car. All 2-Passengers come with headlights.

4-Passenger with Folding rear seat The most widely used golf cart in our fleet.  Load up 4 people and go or kick the 2 passengers off the back and fold down the rear seat to haul anything you need!


Flatbed The cart that is in it for the long haul!  These carts can carry up to 800 lbs.

Utility Box (U-Box) For most jobs, this cart can handle what you can throw at it! 

2-Passenger with Trailer When you have an event that requires you to move a lot of load in a little time, this is the setup for you. Also available with high side rails for any trash or debris removal!

6-Passenger When you need to move people in a hurry, this cart is up for the job.   

ADA Handicap Shuttle We understand that when you have an event, you need to account for everything.  That’s why we custom-built these carts to be able to comfortably transport two handicap people along with three others.

Beverage Cart When you need to provide beverages for your event, this is the cart for you.



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